Eco-Friendly Procedures

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In the United States, consumers use 160 million pounds of pesticides every year. This is a huge problem because the chemicals in pesticides affect food and water supplies. The best way to solve this problem is by implementing eco-friendly prevention procedures.

Rodents usually leave droppings on counters and floors. The pellets are unsanitary because they can cause lung disease. Do not use commercial baits to eliminate the rodents. These products contain anticoagulants, which are fatal. When the bait is accidentally consumed, it will cause internal bleeding. If a cat eats a rodent that has digested the bait, the cat will be poisoned. Snap traps are a better solution when they are used properly. The traps should be arranged beneath the cabinets and along the walls. Do not use cheese as bait; you will trap more mice with peanut butter or rolled oats. The best way to deal with it use help of by professional services that will do that safely in a proper way. Here you will find more information

Although fleas nest in pets’ fur, they can make people itch too. Traditional flea treatments are not recommended because they are made with highly toxic poison. If consumed, the toxins will cause dizziness, seizures, and nausea. Steam cleaning is a more resourceful solution because the hot water destroys the fleas and the eggs. To achieve the best results, vacuum the carpet thoroughly and toss the bag outdoors. Then, bathe your pets with a pet-friendly shampoo and run a flea comb through their fur.

5219378533_cbd94c4d00_bThe USDA Forest Service reported that termites destroy thousands of homes every year. Typically, 99 percent of the damage occurs near the porch, so you won’t need to treat your entire home. According to the EPA, sulfuryl fluoride is highly effective, but it is extremely toxic. It can cause serious health problems if it is inhaled or swallowed. Boric acid, however, is less toxic and protects all wood surfaces. It is also a good long-term solution because it prevents new infestations.

Cockroaches and ants spread allergens and bacteria that affect asthma suffers. Bug sprays produce great results because they have chemicals that neutralize nerve impulses. The only disadvantage is that the chemicals can affect people too. Soapy water should be sprayed on ants instead because it eliminates them and cleanses their bacteria. To get rid of roaches, place several sticky traps on the floors and counters. You can also use a banana and a mason jar to capture the roaches. If you rub petroleum jelly around the lid, it will trap the roaches when they try to reach the banana in the jar.